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This is What $5 MILLION Dollars Looks Like

Brody Lee From Zero to 450K in under 8 Months

Sarah Anne From Zero to 200K in 12 Months

Lisa Barry Makes 500K in 6 Months inside Point One

Quang Huynh From Zero to 6 Figures in 8 Months

Simmone Liley Has a Record 96K Month!

Jamie Adamchuck Makes 100K in under 100 Days

Student Results Show Reel – Life Changing Moments

Tony Kaye’s Journey To Financial Freedom

Alison Burnett From Debt to 6-Figure Coach in 10 Months

Carlos Adell Makes 400K In His First Year in Point One

Bettina Banks Breaks Record 100K in 75 Days in Point One

Koray Kuroz From Zero to 100K in 4 Months

Tyson Sharp Gets 7 Paying Clients Fast

Emmy Hernandez Cracks 6-Figures in Under 7 Months

Sanne Kristiansen From 10K Months to 50K Months in 6 Months

Katie Dee Mindset Coach Cracks 6-Figures in 12 Months

Shane Bird Makes 132K in 8 Months inside Point One

Joseph Macri From 10K a year to 30K a Month!

Australian Mentalist Anthony Laye is Eternally Grateful

Amal Jay is a Raving Fan of Point One

Yulia Tabarth Makes 20K in 8 Weeks Organically

Wassim Daboussi Hits Consistent 10K Months

Sue Mclaren TRIPLES her Business after 3 Sessions

Tyson Signs on 7 NEW CLIENTS after 1 month!

Jenny Falter is a Transformed Sceptic

Mel Duke Shares Her Point One Experience

Discover how Angela transformed her life 12 weeks!

Haran Singh Shares His Experience

Jack’s Transforms his Business and Life through uncovering his BLIND SPOTS

Armando gains a Crystal Clear ROAD MAP on how to Move Forward and Make More Money

Sam Explodes his Business by Uncovering what was really holding him back

Chris DOUBLED his Income in 8 weeks and Free’s up more Time for his Family

Quang Huynh Crushes It in Point One

Joe fills his first Seminar with 50 ppl, Banks $10K and 3x his Fb Followers

Sarah Anne Hits Consistent 10K Months

This is What $5 MILLION Dollars Looks Like

Carlos Adell’s Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Sarah Anne’s Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Brody Lee From Zero to $125K in 3 Months

Kevin Paulraj Shares His Breakthrough at Bootcamp

Eva Simak Attends Her 6th Bootcamp!

Gael’s Experience at the Gladiator Bootcamp

Simonne Liley Shares Her Breakthrough at Bootcamp

School Teacher Katie Godden Becomes Full Time Coach

Jon Evans Attends His 3rd Bootcamp

Karen Bowers Dances For 3 Days at Richmond’s Bootcamp

Michael Albrecht Shares His Breakthrough at Bootcamp

Dario Gutiesco Shares His Bootcamp Experience

Sue Voegt’s Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Andy Bassett’s Experience at Bootcamp

Patrick Farnan Says ‘Best Bootcamp Ever’

Ryan Pinto Shares His Breakthrough at Bootcamp

Paula Day Learns How To Run Her Own Bootcamp

Rob & Georgia Yoannidis Share Their Romantic Bootcamp Experience

Souad El Khantouri Shares Her Bootcamp Experience

Reshma Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Amal Jay Get’s $1 Million of Value at Richmond’s Bootcamp

Suzanne Duncan Attracts Clients During Richmond’s Bootcamp

Robin Sloan No Longer Hides Her Talents

Natalie Louise Shares Her Breakthrough at Bootcamp

Michelle Flowers Gets Her First Client At Bootcamp

Jesse Shan Shares His Breakthroughs at Bootcamp

Mymy Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Ben Zen’s Breakthroughs at Bootcamp

Angela Carrol’s Raving Experience at Bootcamp

Melissa Mitchell’s 2nd Bootcamp Experience – Repeat Offender

Jo Jackson Share’s Her Bootcamp Experience – Another Repeat Offender

Sarah Wade Shares Her Breakthrough at Bootcamp

Daniel Ponce Shares His Bootcamp Breakthrough Experience

Catarina Rebelo Has a Life Changing Bootcamp Experience

Peter Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Sharon Smith’s Breakthrough at Bootcamp

Yvette Tarrant Convinces a Stranger To Give her $500

Joel Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Mark Signs on a $5K Client & Recommends Richmond

Karolina Krakowska Shares Her Bootcamp Experience

Jack Breakthrough at the Business Bootcamp

Alessandro Gavello Shares His Results At Bootcamp

Gael Trigalleau Gets More Leads in 10-Days Than The Last 2 Years Combined!

Ishpreet Kaur – Signs on a Paying Client In 10-Days

Kylie Fitzgerald Signs on Her First Ever Paying Client

Gael Trigalleau – From 0 To 6 Strategy Sessions in 10 Days

Carlos Villarreal Shares His Epic 10-Day Challenge Experience

Deanna Hann – From 0 To 20 Strategy Sessions in 10 Days

Jessie Norman-Linke Signs on Her First Paying Client & Breaks a 2 Yr Dry Spell!

Beata Zawada Highly Recommends Richmond’s Challenge

Dennis Claims That Richmond is The Best – Subjective But True Lol

Les Saldez Grows More in 10 Days Than 10 Years

Dennis Stikvoort Signs on His Very First Paying Client!

Pola Wjc Gains Clarity on How To Confidently Market Herself

Neil Thrussell Learns How To Reach His Ideal Clients on Facebook

Michelle Saluja’s Incredible Experience In The 10-Day Challenge

Jennifer Lee Gets 2 Paying Clients During The 10 Day Challenge!

Rachel Kenley Herr Finally Shares Her Gifts To The World

Goh Chee Yong Bootcamp Breakthrough

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