Get Hot & Ready To Buy Coaching

Leads in 10-Days or Less.

Do you want to become a full-time coach?

No matter your field of expertise...

There’s ONE thing you must absolutely have…..

Here’s the ugly truth.

Despite what most ‘experts’ say, growing a coaching business is NOT easy.

And it’s even harder when you try to do everything on your own.

Because you’re a coach, my guess is that you believe in getting coaching for yourself.

However, the challenge then becomes about not knowing who to trust.

This is why I created a 100% risk free 10-Day Lead Blitz Challenge.

To help you get what you need most in your coaching business right now.

And that’s red hot ready to buy leads and maybe even some paying coaching clients.
Now you might be thinking…

Why am I doing this?


It’s not because I’m such selfless altruistic giver.


It’s not because I’m such a generous person and I like to give away all my best things for free.


It’s not because I’m a God Like hero that was sent from heaven to save the entire world from poverty.

All of that is total BS.

The truth is, the reason why I’m doing this is because I WANT YOUR BUSINESS! I want you to become one of my paying clients.

I want you to become one of my raving fans.

I want you to be featured in one of testimonial video’s on this site. And the only way I can do that is to first WIN your trust. Which is the soul reason why I would even offer to work with you risk free for 10-Days.

Because my aim is to deliver so much value to you, to prove to you that I’m not a scam, to show you that we use ethical practices to grow our business, and that the strategies are up to date and most importantly, it WORKS! THEN hopefully, after the 10-days, you might become so addicted to your own success, that you’ll be craving for more in my full paid program.

There’s no secrets here. I am the most transparent marketer you will ever find.

Here’s what former students who completed the
10-Day Lead Blitz Challenge have to say.

Gael Trigalleau Gets More Leads in 10-Days Than The Last 2 Years Combined!

Ishpreet Kaur – Signs on a Paying Client In 10-Days

Kylie Fitzgerald Signs on Her First Ever Paying Client

Gael Trigalleau – From 0 To 6 Strategy Sessions in 10 Days

Carlos Villarreal Shares His Epic 10-Day Challenge Experience

Deanna Hann – From 0 To 20 Strategy Sessions in 10 Days

Jessie Norman-Linke Signs on Her First Paying Client & Breaks a 2 Yr Dry Spell!

Beata Zawada Highly Recommends Richmond’s Challenge

Dennis Claims That Richmond is The Best – Subjective But True Lol

Les Saldez Grows More in 10 Days Than 10 Years

Dennis Stikvoort Signs on His Very First Paying Client!

Pola Wjc Gains Clarity on How To Confidently Market Herself

Neil Thrussell Learns How To Reach His Ideal Clients on Facebook

Michelle Saluja’s Incredible Experience In The 10-Day Challenge

Jennifer Lee Gets 2 Paying Clients During The 10 Day Challenge!

Rachel Kenley Herr Finally Shares Her Gifts To The World

Goh Chee Yong Bootcamp Breakthrough

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