Here’s the truth…

Right now, we probably don’t know each other that well. 


I’m probably a total stranger to you. 

So what that means is that it doesn’t matter what I say right now, the bottom line is, you’ll find it hard to believe me because I don’t have your trust. 

I could share with you all about my rags to riches story, how I came from nothing, about all the clients I helped get to 6-figures and how you can do it too and blah blah blah blah blah blah, but the reality of the situation is, it doesn’t matter what I write here, it will all mean sh*t because I don’t have your trust. 

And it’s not your fault. There’s so many ‘experts’ out there making big bold claims so rather than tell you about who I am and what I can do to help you, let me start by telling you what I’m NOT. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. This is NOT a pyramid scheme. This is NOT a system designed to generate you passive income.

This is NOT going to give you freedom as a coach. In fact, running a coaching business will require more hard work than your normal 9-5.

And this is NOT a pitch to promise that you can achieve similar results to either myself or my clients. In fact, statistically speaking, 96% of coaches don’t make it. And that means for every 25 coaches reading this right now, you can bet that 24 of them are failing in their coaching business.

I don’t know if that’s you. But there is a 96% chance that it is.

Ouch… So does this mean you shouldn’t even try?

Of course not. What it means is that you need to be careful on all the BS claims out there.

So the question is… Why should you even listen to me?

You shouldn’t. In fact, you shouldn’t listen to anyone except for yourself. I’m not a woo woo kind of guy.

But I do believe that you came here for a reason. And you came here for change.

And if your gut says that I’m worth stalking and checking out, then sure, you can download my free 3.5 hour audio book here

But if your gut says that this is just like every other scam out there and there’s something fishy about me, then you’re more than welcome to leave this page. 

I won’t know. 

And even if I did, I won’t get offended. 

I thank you for reading this far. 

Richmond Say it as it is Dinh


Check out all the celebrities I got to hang out with. Are they my friends? NO.

Do I have their phone numbers on speed dial?


Do they even know my name?


So why am I showing you those pics? Well because if you had the opportunity to meet some really cool celebs, and you screamed like a little girl when you met them, wouldn’t you want to post about it too?

And what about the Ferrari?


It’s not mine. YES I did hire it.


Because I could and it’s a freaking sexy car.

Plus, it’s the car I aspire to own within the next 5 years.

I just wanted a taste of it now.

If you want to advance to your dreams faster, then do what you can to taste it now.

It’ll make you hungrier.

with Frame


Check out my beautiful family.

NO they are not paid actresses.

Yes they are real.

Yes they know my name.

Yes they mean everything to me.

My wife thinks I’m an idiot.

My kids think I’m funny.

I like to think I’m different.

Richmond Be Different Dinh

By the way…

Do you want my brand new 3.5 hour audio book for coaches?

It won’t teach you how to meet The Terminator, it won’t make you enough money to buy a Ferrari, and it won’t guarantee that you will create a 17 year marriage with perfect little kids.

But it will open your eyes to how to organically grow a coaching business starting from zero.

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